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1900 German violin by Ernst Martin, Markneukirchen

€ 2.500,00

This German violin comes from the workshop of Ernst Martin, Markneukirchen in the early 20th Century.

It is an Amati model, labelled ‘E. Martin, Sachsen, Copy of Amati’, which suggests it was intended for the export market. 

It also carries two pre-varnish iron-brands, a lyre to the button and an ‘EM’ insignia to the upper back. 

The highly figured maple chosen for the back and sides and the fine-grained spruce for the front, as well as the dark amber varnish, finely executed scroll, purfling positioned very close to the edges and distinctive f-holes speak to a hand-crafted violin by a very experienced luthier.  

It’s weight is uncharacteristically light for a German violin.  There is some in-case bow-damage to the wood on either side of the finger-board which has been touched up, otherwise the violin is in pristine condition. 

Professionally set up with a new bridge, post and Thomastik Vision strings, it’s sound is bright, energetic and positive.

Ref: PFV 153

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